Skirt and Blouse insect— What you need to know?

1) Rove beetles, which is fondly called 'Skirt and Blouse' is an insect that belongs to the beetles family and can be mostly differentiated by their short wings (elytra).

2) Skirt and Blouse insect are mostly active when the humidity level is high, and they are attracted to light during night time.

3) Although, the Skirt and Blouse insect is a very small sized insect that looks like it can do no harm, but dealing with it wrongly can result to a very devastating outcome.

4) The insect carries a toxic fluid in their blood vessel that is called 'Pederin' and when this fluid comes in contact with the skin, it causes skin irritation medically know as 'Paederus dermatitis' or 'Dermatitis linearis'. The insect neither stings, nor bite. You just have to avoid it coming in contact with your skin, but when it does, never crush it against your skin.

5) If inadvertently, the Skirt and Blouse insect is crushed against the skin, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water ASAP. If the reaction of the toxins keeps intensifying, it is advised to seek medical help immediately.

I remember how this skirt and blouse torture me one time for FUTA. I mistakenly use hand to hit it when it landed on my leg. For almost one month my skin was itchy and swollen. It is better to just blow it away if e land for your body.