Startimes Subscriptions and Packages


Startimes is one of the leading pay-TV providers in Nigeria, offering digital cable TV services since 2010. Despite economic fluctuations and competition from rivals like Gotv, Startimes has built a strong market presence across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

But before we dive into Startimes subscription packages and pricing, let me provide some quick background.

StarTimes is a Chinese-owned electronics and media company operating in several Sub-Saharan African countries beyond Nigeria, including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda.

So if you reside in any of these countries, this guide on "Startimes Subscriptions and Packages" will be useful.

Startimes Decoders and Receivers
startimes subscription and packages

To access Startimes’ content offerings, you need a compatible decoder or receiver unit connected to your TV. Startimes offers subscribers two main options:
  • Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite service accessed via a dish antenna and decoder box
  • Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) service which relies on just a decoder box and outdoor antenna.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Service
DTH Satellite TV is connected to a small dish antenna pointed to the east to receive signals from Startimes’ satellites. It offers the highest quality viewing with over 100+ channels available. But requires installing dish hardware which raises startup costs.

Digital Terrestrial Antenna TV
DTT Antenna TV uses just a decoder box plugging into a fixed antenna pointing towards TV transmission towers nearby. No dish installation is needed, hence very affordable to initiate. But the channel line-up is more limited to around 80+ channels.

Startimes Subscription Packages
StarTimes organises content into flexible bouquet packages:

Available on DTT Antenna Package: Nova, Basic, and Classic.
Available on DTH Satellite Package: Basic, Smart, Super, and Chinese.

Each bouquet comprises channels across major genres like entertainment, movies, music, news, documentaries, sports, religion, and kids.

Here’s an overview of the Startime bouquet or package options available for both DTH and DTT customers including pricing details and channel line-up.

Nova Package
The Nova package is the cheapest on the DTH plan and provides 49 channels focused on Nigerian entertainment, movies, news and religion content for just N1,200 monthly. It is very popular among budget viewers.

Basic Package
The Startimes Basic package offers a solid foundation of local African and Nigerian entertainment spanning Nollywood movies, Nigerian news channels, popular soaps, and lively music programming. With 83 channels for just N2,100 monthly, it's a great starter package for casual viewing.

Smart Package
The mid-range Smart package expands channels to 88, adding international entertainment fare spanning Hollywood movies, Indian soaps, kids animation and infotainment channels for wider appeal. It cost N2,800 per month.

Classic Package
The Classic package is the most expensive package for users of the antenna receiver. It adds more variety including international hits from top studios like Fox, Sony, and Disney alongside lifestyle channels and global news offerings from BBC and CNN. It caters to more diverse tastes and packs 104 channels at N3,100 per month.

Super Package
Their top-tier Super package delivers 107 channels, blending global content from the likes of National Geographic and BBC alongside premium African entertainment. Priced affordably at N5,500 per month.

Chinese Package
This is the most premium package available on the satellite subscription. It includes all the channels available on the super Package, plus 17 extra Chinese channels available to Chinese expats in Nigeria or those Nigerians who enjoy Chinese programs. It packs a whopping 124 channels at a price point of N9,800 monthly.

How to Recharge Your Startime Subscription
There are many ways to recharge your StarTimes DTT or DTH for any package you want. You can subscribe using:
  • Online payment methods
  • StarTimes mobile app
  • ATM
  • POS

If you want to recharge using online means there are several platforms available for you to use. You could use the VT by clicking here. Once you've clicked the link and landed on the page, follow the instructions, and input all the necessary details to complete the purchase.

You can also pay using your bank's online service or app.

Another way I recommend is using the StarTimes mobile app. Simply search for and download the app on your Google Play store for Android, or App Store for Apple devices. Then sign in and follow the prompts there.

Recharging through ATMs and POSs is literally the same thing. Just insert your card into either machine, click 'proceed,' select QuickTeller, and then follow the prompts, which is easy.

Startimes offers a great mix of entertainment, news, and other content at very competitive subscription rates across Nigeria, even beating alternatives from Gotv, Kwese, etc.

Their decoder and antenna/satellite dish bundles also come attractively priced to lower entry barriers. It is a great choice for every viewer at every price point.