Finance What Is the Code for Union Bank Transfer?

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If you're a Union Bank customer, you don't need to get to the bank before you can transfer funds. Union Bank has simplified banking so much that you can use your phone and a simple USSD code to do transfers. The USSD code is *826#.

In this post, I’ll walk you through exactly how to use Union Bank’s USSD code transfer platform so you can start enjoying the ease and speed of on-the-go banking. By the end, you will know how to transfer funds from Union Bank to Union Bank, or Union Bank to other banks.

How to Transfer Money From Union Bank to Union Bank
When you dial Union Bank's USSD code for mobile banking (*826#), you will need to specify whether you're transferring funds to another Union Bank account or a different account. Depending on your choice, the options you will get from that point will differ.

Now, I will detail, step-by-step, how to go about performing transfers in both cases.

Before I go into details, note that you have to use the number linked to your Union bank account. It is the number you supplied while opening your bank account, so in essence, it must be active and inside your phone, before you follow the steps below.

  • Take your phone and open the phone app.
  • Dial *826*1*Amount*Union Bank Account# on your mobile phone. For example, *826*1*1000*1836252727#
  • You will then be prompted to input your banking PIN to authenticate the transaction
  • Carefully check all the transfer details shown on the next screen
  • Submit the details and you will receive an instant message confirming the success of your transfer

How to Transfer From Union Bank to Other Bank Account
The procedure for transferring funds to other banks from Union Bank is almost identical. Follow the steps below.
  • Dial *826*2*Amount*Bank Account# to initiate the transfer.
  • Input your banking PIN to verify that it is you making the transaction.
  • Confirm all the transaction specifics before submitting
And that’s it! You’ll get a notification saying your transfer to another bank is processing
In a few short minutes, the money will reach its destination bank account without you having to step foot in a bank hall or log in to a computer.

How to Register for Union Bank USSD Banking
For those who have never used Union Bank's USSD provision before, you will first have to register your linked phone number to start using the service. The process will enable you to create a transaction PIN which will be known to only you, and be requested to authenticate all your transactions.

Here's how to go about it:
  • Open your phone's call app and dial *826#.
  • You will be prompted to input your account number. Fill it in and click on 'send'.
  • Next, input your debit card's last six digits according to the next instructions.
  • The next prompt will ask you to input your 4-digit PIN. Choose a PIN you can easily remember and punch it in.
  • If you get a prompt to confirm your PIN, input the PIN again and click 'send'.
If done correctly, you should receive a message telling you that your registration was successful. Now you can use your newly-created PIN to perform any transaction on Union Bank using the *826# USSD code.

Troubleshooting Tips for Transfers
Of course, while USSD transfers offer convenience, speed, and security, you might occasionally encounter failed transactions. Here are some useful troubleshooting tips:
  • Double and triple-check any account numbers you enter to avoid sending money to the wrong person! This cannot be reversed (at least not without making major efforts and going through stress).
  • Make sure you have enough funds to cover the transfer amount and any associated fees.
  • If you get a message saying "Incorrect PIN" don't panic! Just carefully re-enter your banking PIN.
For any other issues, don't hesitate to call Union Bank's responsive customer care for assistance.

So there you have it. Everything you need to send money via Union Bank’s *826# USSD portal.

Union Bank's USSD code for transfers is *826#. If you're still going to banking halls to perform minor transactions, you're missing out on ease of banking. According to UBA, "Don't be an Uncle Thomas." Don't doubt the power of *826# to make your banking experience easier, and more convenient right from your phone.