Owe Ile Yoruba (Yoruba Proverbs & Meaning)

Share the Yoruba proverbs that you know and their meaning on this thread. I will go first.

Omi titun ti ru, eja titun ti wonu e (a new spring has sprung, and new fishes have entered) meaning it's a new season.
Patapata la n foju, kumokumo la n d'ete, oju afo nfo tan, ija nii da'le (Go blind completely if you must and leprosy completely if you must. But incomplete blindness only results in fights).
Bi egun eni ba jo re, ori a ma ya atokun re. (If a masquerade dances very well, the owner will be impressed).
Agba ki wa loja, ki ori omo titun o wo. (An infant's head cannot bend when there are elders in the market).

Meaning there can't be disruption going on (amongst people) when there is an elder among them.
Ajanaku koja mo ri nkan firi, ti a ba ri erin ka so pe a ri erin - An elephant is larger than what people claim to see in a flash. Their presence is always noticeable.