N Power Portals Recruitment Process

The federal government initiated the N-Power Program to provide Nigerian youths with training in tech skills and facilitate quality job placements.

The N-Power program is embedded within the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), with the main aim of enhancing the livelihoods of Nigeria's middle-class populace and promoting economic diversification by equipping its youth with globally competitive skills.

In this post, I will share indispensable insights about the N-Power recruitment process and its requirements.

How to apply for N-Power Recruitment
Applying to the N-Power program can only be done on the N-Power registration portal website. Prospective candidates will have to register on the website before applying.

Follow the steps below to register on the N-Power portal website.

1. Click here to go to the official N-Power portal website

2. Click on the "Click to Apply" button

3. Type in your e-mail and then click "Continue"

4. Fill in the necessary information in the form that display on the next page.

5. Click "Continue" and follow the steps until you complete your registration.